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Q: What is all that stuff that comes with HID headlights? Don't you just change the bulb?

A: HID Headlights are high voltage, whereas your car's battery only supplies 12 volts. In order to increase the voltage, a ballast is needed. These ballasts are fairly small, and are powered by the same plug that connected to your original headlights. Click here for a more in depth explanation of the components of an HID kit.


Q: How do I know what headlights fit my car?

A: Use our bulb finder to get started. You'll need the make/model/year of your vehicle. If you have any doubts, it's best to remove your headlight bulb and check for the numerical designation yourself. Often times it will be a number such as H4, 9006, etc.


Q: Will changing my headlights void the warranty on my car?

A: No. The Magnuson Moss act clearly states that your warranty cannot be voided by the installation of some aftermarket product on your car. For example; if you change your headlights, your dealer cannot void the warranty on your transmission. To be clear, however, your car's manufacturer will not cover and damage or mistakes you make, and/or systems affected by the installation of aftermarket products. They can't, however, void the warranty on the parts of the car that had nothing to do with your installation (like your sunroof for instance). When someone at the dealer tells you that installing an alarm, stereo, auto-start, or headlights will void your warranty, they are flat out lying to you or just do not know any better.


Q: Will this make my headlights blue?

A: Only if you want it to. HID headlights are available in many colors, which are denoted by a "kelvin color temperature". If you look at a real Kelvin color temperature chart, you will quickly realize that it is not consistent with aftermarket HID kits, however you can use our color chart to determine what color is right for you. If you wish to get a "factory look" like what you see on newer luxury cars, you should go for a 6000k or 6k HID kit. Generally the higher the number the bluer the color.


Q: Can I change my fog lights also?

A: Of course you can! In fact, we highly reccommend it. Just use our bulb finder to determine what size bulb fits your factory fog lenses, and then buy a full HID kit in that size.


Q: Are HID headlights street legal?

A: That depends entirely on where you live, what type of factory headlight lenses you have, and what color you get. Generally HID headlights are not street legal, just like Window Tint, racing exhaust systems, and underbody light kits.


Q: I can't install my HID kit...I tried! Where can I go to have it done professionally?

A: Some cars are easy, others are difficult. Usually high-end cars and European imports are the most difficult. If you want to let a professional handle it, check your phone book for car stereo, mobile electronics, or car alarms. You can usually have the job done at a big-box store too, but if your car was too difficult for you to do it would be much safer to have a local shop handle it, as they are much more accustomed to working on high-end vehicles. The cost for an HID kit to be installed will usually run between $75 and $100 if you have all of the parts. This will also depend on what part of the country you live in and what type of car you have.


Q: Will my high-beams work with an HID kit?

A: That depends on what type of car you have, and what type of kit you bought. If your high-beams are separate from your low beams then yes. If you have "dual filament" bulbs then you will need a "hi/lo" kit or "flex kit" to retain the use of your high beams. A normal kit will still work properly, but you will have low beams only.


Q: My hid bulb is blown. Can I replace the bulb only?

A: Sure, but make sure it's the bulb. How do you know it's not the ballast? Keep in mind that depending on what manufacturer your HID kit was made by, ours bulbs may not plug in perfectly, and they may not be exactly the same color. Considering our full kits start at just $59.95 shipped for a pair of bulbs and ballasts and a 2-year warranty, we reccommend replacing the whole thing when in doubt.


Q: My HID headlights are working, but sometimes they flicker, or they constantly flicker.

A: Your vehicle may require a canbus HID kit if it is a European car, or even a Chrysler. Some vehicles also have daytime running lamps that only supply 6 volts to the ballast during the day time. To remedy this, you may need a step-up relay which will require some additional know-how. You may be best off finding some professional help in installing this kit.


Q: My car seems to be the one with all of the problems, and I just can't seem to get everything to work right! I'm really handy, and I'm determined to do this myself. What should I do, and where should I go for help?

A: Google! Most HID kits operate and install more or less the same. Besides differences in quality, our HID kit operates on the same technology as any other. Search Google for discussions and threads having to do with your specific make and model vehicle. Use some keywords having to do with the problem you're having, and you will most likely come across some people having the same exact problem. If you solve the problem, share your knowledge!


Q: I still have a question, where can I go for help?

A: Use the form below, and we'll answer you as soon as we can. We may even post your question in our FAQ for the benefit of our other users.

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